Holiday Events

Why do we highlight events?

Are you looking for a place to go to during the holidays? Have you been searching on Google for “Holiday events near me”? Or are you looking for some toy drives or charity organizations you can partner with to share your blessings during the holidays? You’re in the right place!

Every year, we highlight holiday events and food/toy drives in California communities, namely: San Diego, Sacramento, and Tracy. You can check the holiday events of each city, if you want.

Whether you’re travelling with your family or alone, we provide information on local events that you can go to during the holiday season. So feel free to check out our website annually to stay up-to-date. Explore now!

Share and give back to others with your family by going to charity drives that we highlight. You can also consider this as a bonding moment with your children that would teach them a valuable lesson on generosity. Holidays are a perfect time to be able to share love and joy to other people. Isn’t it rewarding to see someone smile brightly after helping them? Light up people’s faces by spreading love and helping others. 

We also want to go beyond providing lights to everyone’s homes. We want to light up other businesses and organizations, as well. Especially in this season where COVID-19 rendered some of the businesses in a very difficult position financially. We are committed to growing and helping other businesses grow by highlighting their events, charities, and food/toy drives.

It has been our goal to reach out to organizations who has the same heart as Light Me Up USA, and that is to make the holiday season a bright and cheerful one for everyone.

If you want your holiday events to be highlighted, feel free to contact us.

Let’s support each other.

Happy a bright holiday!

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